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Adult groups

Guided tours

Over two thousand years since the Battle, Gergovia remains an important location for pleasant and relaxing activities. Make the most of your stay with our guided tours! We also offer tours of Corent, seat of the influential Arverni oppidum, located 15km from Gergovia.

Guided tour of the Archaeological Museum of the Battle of Gergovia

Discover the new Museum of Gergovia with a registered guide!

> Duration: 1h15min

Group prices (max. 25 people): 120€
(+ museum entry: 5 € / pers.)
Foreign language supplement: + 20€

Bataille de Gergovie

Guided tour: "Gergovia, a battle at the heart of a magnificent landscape"

Accompanied by a registered guide, discover the context of the Battle of Gergovia through a guided tour of the museum. Then head outside onto the Gergovia plateau, which faces the battlefield of the renowned conflict in 52 B.C. between Julius Caesar and Vercingetorix, and relive the battle events in situ.

> Duration: 2h

Group prices (max. 25 people): 150€
(+ museum entry: 5 € / pers.)
Foreign language supplement: + 40€

Plateau de Gergovie

Guided tour: “Corent, when the Gauls were in town”

Thanks to restoration work carried out by the Departmental Council of Puy-de-Dôme, this exceptional archaeological site can now be fully explored. This guided tour through what was the town centre of the oppidum will turn your ideas about the Gauls and their way of life upside down…

> Duration: 1 hr. (2 hr. by coach)
(NB: The Corent plateau cannot be accessed by vehicles over 9 tonnes. Please get in touch if you are planning to visit by coach.)

Group prices (max. 25 people): 120€
Foreign language supplement: + 20€