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The Gergovia plateau

The Plateau in figures

70 hectares <br />
of natural landscape

70 hectares
of natural landscape

750 <br />
metres of altitude

metres of altitude

2,000 <br />
years of history

years of history

250,000 <br />
visitors per year

visitors per year

A 360° view <br />
across the Auvergne

A 360° view
across the Auvergne

A listed site of outstanding historical interest

The Gergovia Plateau became a listed site in 2018. This is a special status designed to protect the site due to its historical and scientific interest – a mark of the Plateau’s value as a recognised part of France’s national heritage.

The eastern slopes of the Gergovia Plateau, covered by dry grasslands, are also included within the EU’s Natura 2000 network of protected nature sites, considered to have high heritage value due to their exceptional fauna and flora.

Gergovie monument historique

An oppidum on the flanks of the mountain

The Gergovia Plateau is formed of a 70-hectare basalt plateau and reaches an altitude of 700 m. On a clear day, the top of the plateau offers spectacular 360° panoramic views over the famous Chaîne des Puys to the northwest, the Limagne Fault to the east, the Sancy massif to the southwest, as well as over Clermont-Ferrand.

A historical site

An outstanding site of natural beauty

Archaelogical digs

The area surrounding the plateau

An overnight stay in the Arveni region