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Our must sees

The immersive room

Salle immersive gergovie
Plunge into the Battle of Gergovia for 12 minutes! An audio-visual spectacle that uses film and a giant model to immerse the visitor in the battle between the Romans and the Gauls.

The weaponry

Armes bataille de Gergovie
Helmets, swords, scorpio catapults, arrowheads, ballista… Discover relics from the Battle of Gergovia and get an insight into a battlefield that has much greater significance than that described Julius Caesar’s writings.

Testimonies of the living and the dead

Archéologie musée gergovie
Take a seat and hear Battle enactors recount their experience of events! Caesar and Vercingetorix set out their military strategies, while Titus Aelius, a simple foot soldier, describes the challenge of holding the Roman encampment, and while Tritogenos, a Gaul warrior, prepares for battle. These video witness accounts are presented against the backdrop of life-sized Gaul and Roman ramparts, as well as a horse pit that recent analyses have shown may be connected to the battle, and a human tomb found in the trenches of Roman Main Camp in 2009.

Testimonies of the living and the dead

Evolution paysages gergovie
Through a series of 5 digital windows, artist Antoine Belot offers you the opportunity to travel into the landscapes of the Gergovie Plateau from its formation 27 million years ago to the establishment of the first villages around 2,000 years ago.  An interlude that offers an opportunity to see how the landscape evolved over geological time.

Painted vases

Vases peints gandaillat
Unique in Europe, a collection of painted vases decorated with animals was found at the Averni site of Gandaillat. Wonderful examples of Arverni artistic wealth, these vases painted with figures of animals will surprise you with their beauty.

Warrior trophy

trophée guerrier gergovie
Dating to before the Battle of Gergovia, this warrior trophy was found in the fortified town of Corent, another major Averni site located a few kilometres from Gergovia. It consists of shields, swords and a chain mail, and was originally displayed against the wall of the sanctuary perimeter wall.