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The Gergovia Museum shop offers a wide range of items suitable for all types of public. Whether you have a passion for archaeology, are simply curious to find out more about the Battle of Gergovia or are a lover of derived products, you will find the item that suits you in the shop of the Archaeological Museum of the Battle of Gergovia. The shop is mainly made up of the following product categories: children’s corner, books, goodies, jewellery, stationery, consumables and finally gift vouchers.


The Gergovia Museum Shop offers booklovers a range of titles (in French) on various topics and for all ages. Take a look at our catalogue, which includes ” Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic War”, a best-seller since it first appeared in print in 1469!


Extend your Gergovia experience in the stationery corner; choose from our selection of notebooks, pens, postcards or posters on the museum or on the Auvergne.

Children's corner

After a discovery-packed tour of the museum, treat children of all ages to books or toys and offer them a lasting souvenir of Gergovia!

Sword, shield and pilum: get ready for battle – choose your side by opting for Gallic or Roman weaponry!

Books & comics: a wide selection of books for children aged 5 and over; check out the titles published by Actes Sud that make the history of Gergovia easily accessible. For older children, the Asterix comic books are still a must for having fun with the indomitable Gauls!


As a gift or a treat to yourself, you will find in the Museum Shop a wide range of souvenir products to keep at home or use on a daily basis: Monnaie de Paris souvenir medals, personalised water bottles decorated with ancient friezes, knives made in Auvergne with handles engraved with Gallic motifs, hand-made walking sticks, and other ancient objects (oil lamps, Samian ware bowls, etc.).

Clothes, Jewellety and Accessories

Dress yourself in the colours of the Gergovia Museum or in Gallic style with clothing and accessories from our shop: caps, scarves etc. Treat yourself to our jewellery engraved with Arverne motifs, or made of glass beads designed by an archaeologist using manufacturing techniques of the ancient Gauls.

Food and beverages

For gourmets, the Museum Shop stocks a range of beverages and regional specialities: appetizers, Gergovia sweets, or various beverages, including the Vercingetorix Cervoise (barley beer) and Gergovia white wine.

Gergovia Museum gift vouchers

Would you like to offer family or friends a visit to the Gergovia Museum? You can now do this with our gift vouchers available in the Museum Shop. Ask our team at the help desk!