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The area surrounding the plateau

The Corent oppidum

Located 15 km from Gergovia, the Corent plateau was the seat of a powerful oppidum belonging to the Arverni tribe. The layout of excavation sites makes it possible to identify the different areas at the centre of the Gallic and Gallo-Roman town: sanctuary, square, assembly area, theatre.

The tour is dotted with information boards and numerous illustrations that help recreate the appearance of the oppidum. It also helps visitors capture the layout of the monumental city centre and follow the different phases of construction since its foundation right up to its full reconstruction during the Gallo-Roman period.

  • Open access all year round

Guided tours

Guided tours for groups available, subject to booking
Information and bookings: contact@musee-gergovie.fr – +33 4 73 60 16 93