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Schools and young children groups

Guided tour of the Archaeological Museum of the Battle of Gergovia

Take the one-hour guided tour to discover Gergovia Museum!


This tour takes you into the heart of the Gauls’ world, from the battle between Vercingetorix and Caesar to the discovery of the Arverni towns of Gergovia, Corent and Gondole. Listen to our accredited tour guide as they explain every aspect of the famous battle of Gergovia and all the details surrounding this pivotal moment in the Gallic War. This presentation also introduces the latest findings of archaeological research carried out at Gergovia and at nearby Arverni sites.

> Duration: 1h15min

> Group rates (max. 30 students): 90€


+ museum entry: 3 € per student
+ Foreign language supplement: + 35€

Guided tour "A great battle in the heart of the Arverni landscape"

Learn all about the Battle by combining a guided tour of the Museum with an outdoor commentary on Gergovia Plateau!


Accompanied by an accredited tour guide, pupils learn about the Battle of Gergovia and what led up to it through a visit to the Museum. Next stop, the relics of the Gallic ramparts, facing the area overrun by the Roman troops, to find out about the latest archaeological discoveries concerning the fortifications of the Gergovia oppidum.

> Duration: 2h

> Group rates (max. 30 students): 110€


+ museum entry: 3 € per student
+ Foreign language supplement: + 35€

Guided tour of the temporary exhibition

Immerse yourself in the history of Gergovia through the temporary exhibition


This guided tour offer explores, through a discovery of the temporary exhibition in progress at the time of your visit, another story of Gergovia. This year, discover the contemporary history of the site with the exhibition “The Gergoviotes, when archaeological students became Resistance fighters, 1940-1951”.

Guided tour available from February 2024

> Duration: 2h

> Group rates (max. 30 students): 110€


+ museum entry: 3 € per student
+ Foreign language supplement: + 35€

Guided tour: “Corent, when the Gauls were in town”

In the heart of the Corent Plateau, discover an ancient Gallic town uncovered by archaeologists


Their research shines a light on this outstanding archaeological site, enhanced by the landscaping work carried out by the Puy-de-Dôme Departmental Council. This fascinating guided tour of the oppidum’s ancient town centre challenges conventional thinking about the Gauls and their way of life. Our accredited tour guide encourages pupils to imagine the organisation, day-to-day life and activity of the town and its nearby districts 2,000 years ago.

> Duration: 2h

> Group rates (max. 30 students): 150€

(NB: The Corent plateau cannot be accessed by vehicles over 9 tonnes. Please get in touch if you are planning to get to Corent by coach.)


+ Foreign language supplement: + 35€

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