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The 2024 event program at the Gergovia Museum

Dive into the heart of the historical treasures of Auvergne with the event program at the Gergovia Museum for the 2024 season! Throughout the year, the Archaeological Museum of the Battle has in store unforgettable moments, specially designed to captivate both young and old. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on an exciting journey through time, with thrilling activities, especially during school holidays. Get ready for a significant leap into history, from the Gallic War to the present day!

Our temporary exhibition

The Gergoviotes, when archaeological students became Resistance fighters (1940-1951)

In people’s minds, the word “Gergovia” is associated with Antiquity and with an ancient battle. Yet, Gergovia also has a rich – though little known – contemporary history. During World War II, the Gergovia plateau served as a meeting place for a group of Alsatian students from the University of Strasbourg, which had been relocated in Clermont-Ferrand since the declaration of war. Many of these students, who participated in archaeological digs, became Resistance fighters. They called themselves “the Gergoviotes”. Our new temporary exhibition deals with their history. Come and discover their unique experience…

Exhibition scheduled to run until 15th September 2024.
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Our major events

Gaulish festivals

Gaulish celebrations mark the year and signify the changing seasons. The Gergovie Museum celebrates these events in its own way by organizing unique activities and historical reenactment gatherings. Activities in french language

  • Beltane : 27-28th April 2024
  • Lughnasadh : 3rd-4th August 2024
  • Samhain : 31st October 2024

Major national and European events

European Night of Museums, European Archaeology Days, European Heritage Days… The Gergovia Museum offers special activities during the major cultural events of the year. Visits in french language

  • European Night of Museums : 18th May 2024
  • Great Celebration of Nature : 25-26th May 2024
  • The European Archaeology Days : 15-16th June 2024
  • The European Heritage Days : 21st-22nd September 2024

School holidays

For each school vacation, the Gergovia Museum organizes a special program. Discover these unique experiences, specially designed to brighten up your holidays and enhance your visit to the museum.

Winter Break – 10th February to 10th March
Family workshops and Gaulish animation

Spring break – 6th April to 5th May 2024
Archaeobus (Bus guided tour), family workshops, “Tous à table” digital animation

Summer break – 6th July to 1st September 2024
Daily guided tours on the Gergovia and Corent plateau, investigation trails, workshops, and visits to excavation sites.

Autumn break – 19th October to 3rd November 2024
5th anniversary of the opening of Gergovia museum, Archaeobus (Bus guided tour), family workshops, “Tous à table” digital animation

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